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Boost Retention and Engagement with Meaningful

Financial Wellness Benefits

Employee Financial Stress Actually Impacts Your Business

Many employees feel financially strained, which affects their focus and productivity at work. In our rapidly-changing economy, employee financial stress continues to rise and is highly contagious in the workplace.

Infuse Financial Wellness into Your Company Culture

During this unpredictable time, your employees seek more than just a paycheck. They want their job to align with their values, and their employers to recognize them as individuals.

We know you care about your people. We do too – that’s why we created the Employee Financial Wellness Program.

By providing comprehensive financial wellness education, we help you empower your people to manage their money with confidence and achieve financial stability.

The result? You’ll strengthen your people’s financial health, boost workplace culture and retain more top talent.

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Build a Resilient Organization

The Money Club Financial Wellness Program uplifts your people with the skills and resources to improve their financial health.

Live Workshops

Our interactive training makes financial education fun and motivating, which is why employees love to attend!

We break down complex financial concepts into a straightforward action plan your team can implement right away. Plus, we’re available to answer any questions in real-time.

Our curated curriculum includes relevant topics like:

• Investing for retirement
• Budgeting and financial planning
• Boosting credit score
• Savings and debt management
• Investing in real estate and building passive income

On-Demand Courses

Valued at over $700, your employees receive exclusive access to our top-rated courses to supplement each workshop.

The best part? They’ll refresh what they learned from our workshop and learn new skills on their own time.

Courses include:

• Building Financial Stability
• Stocks & Investing 101
• Creating a Wealth Plan
• Investing in Real Estate

Practical Tools

In addition to our courses, we provide tools your people can use to put their new skills to practice.

A community favorite, our Money Positioning System budget tool helps them assess their financial picture and set meaningful fnancial goals.

Other tools include:

• Money Personality Test
• Retirement Plan Recommendation Tool
• Real Estate Property Analysis Tool

Hassle-Free Delivery

Simply schedule the workshops and coordinate video hosting. We take care of the rest!

Upon registration, you will receive email scripts and videos to engage your team.

Plus, we create a portal tailored to your organization where your people can access all available resources from each workshop.

What People Are Saying

They were engaged throughout, given tools to help them, and enrollment in our 401K program grew 40% the days after the first workshop. They finally saw the benefit of investing in their future. You should absolutely do this!

Jason P

CEO, RocketDocs

I want to emphasize how helpful and eye-opening this experience was! I had to face some of the bad and emotional financial decisions I made in the past – and was given the tools to move forward.

Auzhane Shaw

Title Employee, ATG Title

Team Building Through Financial Wellness

Where other companies only provide individual apps or advisors, our focus is on visibility – for your team to connect with each other, our coaches, and your company’s core values! 

We do this through monthly group workshops that drive engagement through:

– Break out connections

– Company Competitions

– Take home family resources for all ages

– Monthly accountability to personal goals

Getting Started is Easy


Schedule a Call

Tell us more about your organization to determine if we’re a good fit.


Deliver the Program

Empower your people with the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.


Boost Employee Retention

Infuse personal development into your company culture to boost workplace morale and retention.

What People Are Saying

Investing in this financial education for my team keeps my employees growing, which makes me feel like I’m living out my business core values, and has helped double our revenue this year because everyone seems aligned. It’s also helped us feel and operate as a stronger team, so I would say this investment is one I’d HIGHLY recommend to other business owners!

Steve Chu

CEO, Ekiben

I sold my car and now I’m saving an extra $700 a month as a result, all from the help of Money Club! I have been sharing what we learn with my daughter, and she is now looking at her spending and savings differently so she can set herself up for long-term goals.

Vanessa Rovekamp

Employee, DLP Capital

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A Win For You. A Win For Your People.

Enhance your workplace with high-energy workshops your employees will value.


Empower Your People

  • Align Employees with Your Mission
  • Build a Strong Team Culture
  • Boost Focus and Productivity
  • Leave a Legacy Beyond Prof


Build Financial Confidence

  • Increase 401k Enrollment
  • Improve Credit Score
  • Save More Each Month
  • Invest with Confidence

Invest in Your Team

Prioritizing your people’s financial wellness will not only strengthen their lives outside of work…you will also lead them to seek growth in your organization and feel excited about working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Schedule a demo call with us to learn more!

Once we determine that Money Club’s Wellness program is a great fit for your business, we’ll schedule the workshop dates, set you up with an admin portal, and promotional materials (emails, flyers, videos) to help drive engagement!

Then, after each workshop, your team will unlock access to new courses, guides and tools that dive deeper into the core lessons of each workshop. . In between workshops we’ll send weekly money tips to keep everyone excited, and work with you to track engagement and efficacy of the program!

Most wellness providers offer 1 of 2 things — fin-tech apps and/or access to individual financial planners. While both those strategies can certainly be valuable, they only help people individually and don’t foster connection and engagement among your team.

Money Club has great take home content, lessons and tools to help your team personalize their experience, but our true value lies in high-energy team building workshops that your employees will be excited to join!

We’ll run fun virtual activities and break out rooms to help members connect on their shared values. This makes them feel more connected to each other, and to the investment you’re making in them!

Our pricing scales down based on how large your team is. We also value facilitating meaningful connection among your team, so we try to keep workshops to 50 people or less. Contact us and we’d be happy to send over a quote based on your size and interests!

You’ll see 401k enrollment go up, members paying down debt, and credit scores increasing. Most importantly though, your engagement in all-hands meetings will increase, along with the buzz and excitement surrounding each high-value team event!

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