Travel Hacking: Using Credit Card Points & Rewards to Explore the World


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This course is a no-fluff, high-quality course that walks you through the process of travel hacking. You will learn how to save thousands on airfare and hotel stays by using credit cards strategically. In addition, you will boost your credit score and gain access to an active community and tools to help you travel for free.

Aaron Velky is a travel hacking expert and your coach. He has traveled for the last 6 years, across the United States and to 12 countries – and spent an average of $11/flight to do it.

In addition to nearly 6 hours of video tutorials, this course comes with a high-powered Google spreadsheet that will keep you organized and help you maximize your returns. Don’t worry if you are not good with spreadsheets, this one will walk you through step-by-step and do all the math for you!


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